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BuckChaf is developing and operating three products: BCF Media, BCF Platform and BCF Payment System. Based on those products to create a friendly environment to support the cryptocurrency economy by using blockchain technology. BuckChaf’s vision is to make more people accept and understand the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for human society. Through a simple and easy-to-learn tutorial, and an intuitive cryptocurrency payment system, cryptocurrencies can be involved into everyday life. The increase in the speed of cryptocurrency transactions will completely activate the major cryptocurrency ecosystems, and promote the growth of the market. Blockchain technology can be cultivated in a more suitable environment based on this.


Buying and using cryptocurrency could be easy and fun! BuckChaf is a one-stop shop to help you understanding crypto-currency trend, and taking care of cryptocurrency investment and payment!

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BCF Media

Provide Blockchain news in friendly and systemic way to lower people’s obstacle to get involved in Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

● Acquire the latest information in Blockchain industry
● Get free coins through various and interesting missions
● Lead beginner apply cryptocurrency step by step

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BCF Platform

A complete, secure and professional Blockchain fundraising system to enhance cryptocurrency circulating in the market.

● Token issuing technology
● Management system and monitoring of ICO progress
● Planned data management system KYC tools

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BCF System

Cryptocurrency payment technology increases the usage of cryptocurrencies in general life transactions.

● Be astonished by the speed of our cryptocurrency payment transactions
● Can combine multiple tokens for single payment
● Peer to peer transaction system



We are operating BCF Media, BCF platform and BCF payment system. Committed to making people who don’t understand the blockchain to understand the blockchain with ease and work side by side with blockchain startups. We are creating an environment that is suitable for the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. BuckChaf will use blockchain technology to collaborate on the rapid development of the entire cryptocurrency economy. This cryptocurrency ecosystem will increase transaction efficiency. The cryptocurrency will soon be involved to everyone’s daily life.


● BuckChaf Team established
● Initial function and list of partner companies established

Sep, 2018

● BuckChaf registration & formation
● Regulation & FCA consulted and feedback
● Further functions and partners confirmed
● Individual KYC integration started

Oct, 2018

● Partnership confirmed
● BCF Media tested and launched

Nov & Dec, 2018

● KYC integration completed
● BCF pre-sales sales
● BCF public sales duration started
● BCF platform launch & cooperating stores connect
● Cooperating blockchain companies connect

Q1 & Q2, 2019

● Crypto & commodity exchange function test
● Crypto-ecosystem funtion develop
● BCF System test

Q3 & Q4, 2019

BCF System launch

Q1 & Q2, 2020
Money 20/20 Fintech Event in Hangzhou China
Buckchaf Lastest Event
BlockShow Asia 2018, Singapore
Buckchaf Lastest Event
BlockShow Asia 2018, Singapore
Buckchaf Lastest Event
BlockShow Asia 2018, Singapore
Buckchaf Lastest Event
Crypto Expo in Vietnam 2018
Buckchaf Lastest Event
Crypto Expo in Vietnam 2018
Buckchaf Lastest Event
Crypto Expo in Vietnam 2018
Buckchaf Lastest Event



BuckChaf Product Demo

BCF pre-sales Begin