Token Distribution

Total 2 periods between November and Decemebr, 2018. 
The amount of Pre-sale distribution will be 17%  of total distribution

The period of Public-sale between Decemebr 2018 and January 2019. 

The amount of Public-sale distribution will be 25.5% of total distribution.

The BCF token distribution will be stopped once the sale reaches out at the Hard cap or the end of the sale period.  So if the customer would like to have BCF token please go to cryptocurrency trade paltform i.e.(Stay tuned)–> add our buisness partner website address.

Yes, if join the Pre-sale period and being our qualify KYC member could have the right to purchase BCF token during the Pre-sale period and have purchase discount price than the price of Public-sale. 

Project & Service

There are four type of groups can be benefited by BCF platform: (BCF token holders and Project launcher)

Once you have registered on BuckChaf’s KYC process, you can join crowd-sale (Pre-sale or Public-sale). You can purchase BCF token by ETH or BTC during these periods on BuckChaf official website. 

Yes, the minimum purchase amount is 2 ETH per purchase or 0.05 BTC per purchase.

You should go for “Project” page, and click you would like to launch a project and follow the following process on the page. Once you finish the submission process, our project launch team will contact you as soon as possible. (Within 5 working days)

Possibly not, BCF platform mission is creating a better financial environment for Blockchain startups to solve their financial problem to have sufficient funds to start their project.  But there is not exclusive any possibility BCF platform will open for other industry business gradually.  

The BCF platform is estimated to launch at Q2 2019. 

The Proposal will be carefully reviewed by our legal team and specialists in specific areas.

There are three types of group will be benefited within the crypto-ecosystem (Cryptocurrency holders/ Store / Blockchain companies). The BCF system provide the payment service for customers to use cryptocurrency to pay for product or service in the street shop and online store.

Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. (Other countries please stay tuned)

The BCF system is estimated to launch at Q2 2020. 

Register and Customer

You need to complete the KYC verification first. After this, the BuckChaf account will be automatically created, which may take up to 48 hours. Once it ready, you will be notified via email to set up your password for BuckChaf.

Yes, there is a Chinese vision for white paper and visual paper.

At any time you want. Our working is 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. At off time, there will ba a specific person who deal with customer service. Once we see the information, we will deal with it immediately.

Customer Service

You can find information through our white paper or visual paper. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact with us through the mail: info@buchchaf.com.

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