Job Summary​


BuckChaf is a next-generation Mobile payment system company. We are building an environment for cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. It is designed to use Blockchain and other DLT to support the cryptocurrency economy. This will enable more efficient trade and transactions.

Our mission is to Promote cryptocurrency usages and popularise cryptocurrency in Asia through the more applications as make payments at the store or cross-border currency transfer. Speed up the trading rhythm of all kinds of life through the technology of blockchain.

Currently, at BuckChaf, we have two roles available for graduate and interns who would love to get into Blockchain. The current one role advertised on here are for Engineer.

We will be running a 6-month excellent bonus pay structure and thereafter a salary will kick in with the bonus structure also in place. The bonus structure would be possible to earn 3 figures, so the 4 months non-salary is worth it in the end.

After 2 years you will be at a director level if meeting all the personal development reviews. However, that can be talked more at a later stage. However only 4 moths is commission based.


Job Type / Category

Your Contributions as Engineer

  • Coordinating team assignments*
  • Coordinating team assignments
  • Hands on experience with full stack web development.
  • Deep understanding and hands-on experience using database such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL etc.
  • Prominent understanding with fundamental JavaScript, Python-Django, CSS/HTML or other related frameworks.
  • Familiar with Linux, Docker, AWS, VM is a plus.
  • Familiar with browser testing and debugging.
  • In-depth understanding of the entire web
  • Development process (Design, Development and Deployment) Participating in brainstorming sessions
  • Facilitating the onboarding of new team members
  • Other admin and business tasks, as needed


Required Education, Skills and Qualifications


  • Be expert with Blockchain Technology and have ability to create a new chain
  • Excited about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
  • Interest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies;
  • Owns any kind of Cryptocurrencies
  • Has at least a degree
  • Wants to progress to director level




We offer percentages on token sales, a percentage of tokens, a percentage of deal flow for properties brought in through yourself and a percentage of money raised through yourself

After the 4 months then we would negotiate your salary, with certain perks and percentages

Grow from a grad/intern to a director.

Start with us now and we will look after you!!

Flexible working

Job Types: Internship, Commission, Volunteer, Apprenticeship

Salary: £0-1,200 /month


  • Bachelor’s (Required)


  • English (Required)
  • Chinese (Optional)


Job Summary​

【Marketing intern – BuckChaf is growing up, I hope to have excellent you in the process of growing up. 】

Our team hopes to create a global cryptocurrency ecosystem that will provide the investment and payment experience that everyone can use for the next generation. Team members spread around the world in the UK, mainland China, and Taiwan. Therefore, it is mainly for remote online communication. If you want to explore the next generation of technology together, and the new team’s free and self-disciplined work environment, welcome to join!


JD & qualification

  • Cooperate with CMO to complete marketing goals together

  • Have an international outlook and are willing to learn new knowledge, in addition to the Taiwan market vision, are willing to understand the Asian and European markets

  • Have an understanding of the blockchain, or a passionate learning desire, willing to work together with the team brainstorming

  • Responsible, able to write a media post, can assist in the implementation of marketing services such as Fan Pages and Blog Management

  •  Basic English reading or communication skills


Extra Points

  • Business experience in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google blog, Telegram, etc.
  • Some of the following concepts:
    1. SEO keyword optimization technology and concepts
    2. Growing hackers
    3. Advertising and analysis such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads
    4. Digital marketing analysis tools such as GA, Google Search Console, Facebook Analytics
  • Basic or advanced film clippings can not trouble you
  •  Smooth English communication skills (due to consultants and partners are mostly foreigners, I hope you can communicate as well.)
  • The courage to challenge, not afraid of changing environment



  • Flexible working hours and locations
  • Flexible system
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